A list of mildly to severely annoying thangs:

1. Ants and wasps.

2. The neighbour’s kids whose idea of ‘playing outside’ is jumping on their squeaky as fuck trampoline for hours while shouting and sounding like satan. Fuck off.

3. Messy housemates.

4. The mildly concerning ache in my left kidney that I doubt is a coincidence. 

5. Not having a dog.

6. Trying to prepare food only to find all the knives in the house are gone. Really?

7. Having your mother send you floods of pictures of your aunty’s new dog. The breed you wanted and she only knows about because you mentioned it. 

8. How long I’ve been putting off cleaning my room.

9. Finally having the balls to open my flyscreen-less window at night only to wake up to two mother fuckin’ spiders in my room. FEARS VALIDATED.

10. Not quite understanding how reddit works.

11. My job.

12. Having asthma.

13. Having Menieres.

14. Having polycystic ovarian syndrome.

15. Having a plethora of other ailments.

16. Going to shave your legs because it’s been ages only to find your razor is gone as well. REALLY??

17. How hot it is in my room in the afternoon.

18.How when I’m back at my parents house the dogs abandon me for them as soon as they go to bed. THEY HATE ME NOW.

19. Never having the balls to speak up about anything.

20. Undeserving bogan ass holes on Centrelink who spend it all on cigarettes and pokies. They’re at work ALL the time. C’mon.

21. Being a whingey whiney blerghface.

Trying not to be bitter while hearing about everyone’s fun New Years eve plans.

4th Year in a row I can’t go out because of work.

Since being 18 I’ve never been able to go out on New Years. What a wrought.