Trying not to be bitter while hearing about everyone’s fun New Years eve plans.

4th Year in a row I can’t go out because of work.

Since being 18 I’ve never been able to go out on New Years. What a wrought.

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My heart wants roots. My mind wants wings. I cannot bear their bickerings.

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Don’t call me Gaga. Don’t think I can pull it off. #blacklipstick #can’trockit #why


Amy Hamilton

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Oh. My. GOD.

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I can’t really work out exactly why but, fuck, I hate Clive Owen’s face.

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Home alone on Christmas Eve.

Don’t even have any wine.

Merry fucking Christmas.

Why don’t I own you??? Guyz. Guyz. Seriously.

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the joy of life; courage; the life energy; virility; healing energy.

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  • Me: I bought your present today.
  • Dad: What is it?
  • Me: It's two of your favourite things.
  • Dad: Kayaking and pornography?